Wholesale Inquiries

*photo taken by the ever talented @goodwomanofthewoods

Hello! Interested in placing a wholesale order with us for your Book Box or Special Edition Box? FBC would love to be a part of it!


Here is a breakdown of our discounts for wholesale orders of our full size items:
24-100 items: 25% off retail price + shipping
100-500 items: 30% off retail price + shipping
501-2500 items: 35% off retail price + shipping
2501-5000 items: 40% off retail price + shipping
5000+ items: Please email us so we can create a custom quote for you.
If you would like to order a half-size or custom size product, please email us at fictionbathco@gmail.com so we can create a custom quote for you.
We typically have a 2-4 month turnaround time depending on the size and intensity of the project. Email us today so we can begin collaborating and creating a unique product for your customers.